Experience Camp Dyman

Our camp

Our Day Camp

With door-to-door transportation, trips, sports music, arts and much more Camp Dyman is one of most affordable, exciting and engaging camp in Brooklyn.

We register children ages 4-14. However, even though our campers divided in 4 age groups: Dolphins (4-6), Juniors (7-9) and Sharks ( 10-12) and Seniors (13-14) most of our grouping is based on kids’ interest in the particular activity rather then on their age.

Camp is Family

Each camper has a say in how they want to spend their day at camp each and every day. We hire caring staff who become more than just counselors to our kids, but rather spiritual companions and friends. We are one big family and everyone feels loved, welcomed and accepted for who they are.

Travel Camp

Our campers spend at least 2-3 days per week visiting places such as: zoos, museums, amusement parks, water parks, art exhibits, various music festivals, shows and movie theaters.

Our Sleep-away Trip

Our sleep-away trips offer amazing activities and trips including walks to waterfalls, hiking, fishing, biking, whitewater rafting, go-carts, bumper boat along with visits to the bowling alley, Herkimer Mine, Water Safari Theme Park. trip to Niagara Falls and much, much more.

The Sleep-away House

Sleepaway Camp “Roman Holiday” is located in beautiful Rome, NY in a close proximity to Mahawk River and wonderful hiking trail, playground, swimming pool, soccer field and newly renovated sleeping and recreation area in the Private House with nice size backyard and wood burning stove for barbecue and bonfire and smores parties.